For 25 years now we’ve made some of the most iconic global advertising campaigns – and along the way, we’ve built something more than just a business, better than numerous awards.

We’re proud to have built a unique culture – the beating heart of which is a family of Rogues, where everyone fiercely protects the craft in all we do and at the same time upholds our reputation as being great people to work with.

Rogue was founded in 1998 by Charlie Crompton and David van der Gaag. In 2021 Kate Taylor and James Howland joined Charlie as partners - and with the support of Charlie Roberson as Head of Talent, we continue to champion the transcendent magic of great film-making – and in finding, nurturing and supporting our global talent in creating unique and powerful work.

Because we’ve always cared passionately about everything we make - and everyone we make it with. We are creators, makers and creative collaborators who always strive to make the best, better.

It’s how we live.

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Charlie Crompton
Founder / Executive Producer
Kate Taylor
Managing Director / Exec Producer
James Howland
Head of Production / Exec Producer
Charlie Roberson
Head of Talent / EP - REBEL