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Born. Ballet. First Camera. Knee Injury. Film Club. Film School. Switch Schools. Screenwriter. Discover Photographing People. Abandon Screenwriting. Photographer. Director. Pandemic. Help mom build a ballet studio in her backyard. Keep going.

My first Tour de France

That Summer spent photographing Bullfighters

That Screening of “2001: A Space Odyssey” when someone in the audience kept yelling to their friend: “What were we doing before we took the drugs?!?”

Film coming back from the lab

Shooting Usain Bolt training in Jamaica

The night I finally watched Days of Heaven

Sunsets outside of Santa Fe


Picking up a camera

Winning it all at the Roulette table


Rod Serling

Kobe Bryant

George Balanchine

Eve Babitz’s “Slow Days, Fast Company”

French Crime Films of the 60s & 70s

Paul Thomas Anderson

Tom Waits

Dive Bar Jukeboxes