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There She Is, Miss America

No stills
Born. Ballet. First Camera. Knee Injury. Film Club. Film School. Switch Schools. Screenwriter. Discover Photographing People. Abandon Screenwriting. Photographer. Director. Pandemic. Help mom build a ballet studio in her backyard. Keep going.

My first Tour de France

That Summer spent photographing Bullfighters

That Screening of “2001: A Space Odyssey” when someone in the audience kept yelling to their friend: “What were we doing before we took the drugs?!?”

Film coming back from the lab

Shooting Usain Bolt training in Jamaica

The night I finally watched Days of Heaven

Sunsets outside of Santa Fe


Picking up a camera

Winning it all at the Roulette table


Rod Serling

Kobe Bryant

George Balanchine

Eve Babitz’s “Slow Days, Fast Company”

French Crime Films of the 60s & 70s

Paul Thomas Anderson

Tom Waits

Dive Bar Jukeboxes